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P1080112Shruti and Byron met online (pretty lame right?). Regardless, Shruti saw Byron’s profile picture, the one where he has an E.coli plushy on his head. For whatever reason Shruti though that this might be the kind of person she would like to spend more time with and messaged him. Their first date was pancakes, Shruti’s second favorite food after cereal. Byron talked too loud, but impressed Shruti with his ability to stack a huge tower of half and half cups, silverware, and salt shakers. From there the two were nearly inseparable, and so comfortable with each other they may have already been married. Along the way Shruti and Byron both grew as people directly as a result of meeting each other. Shruti learned that she likes camping (or glamping anyways), learned to cook and bake, and even tried a hamburger. Byron learned that video games actually do have an off button, attended lots of live music, and learned how to not dress like a hobo.P1080021

Movies, board games, Game of Thrones, and endless would you rather discussions took up much of their time, but throughout their years, Shruti and Byron have had amazing experiences, vacations, and of course lots of great drinks and dinners. Shruti and Byron have traveled to Canada, Seattle, Jamaica, California, and many other exotic locales. Many people would marvel at the exciting prospects of these amazing locales, but Shruti and Byron generally spent their time in botanical gardens because they are both secretly 57.

DSCN0897A bit over a year ago Byron invited Shruti to Texas’ finest beach for her birthday. Little did she know that Byron had long been planning this super secret proposal (she actually knew the whole time). Byron chose the beach because he knew that no setting was more beautiful than the beach. Unfortunately, recent weather patterns caused a freak growth of seaweed, which workers had piled into giant 8 foot hills. Undaunted, Byron and Shruti braved the beach and watched as children used their boogie boards to “sled” down the kelp hills.

That night Byron took Shruti to a wonderful dinner, and then prepared for the proposal. After dinner Byron donned his finest swim trunks and elegant Magellan fishing Seattle-Vancouver'12 039shirt and took Shruti for a walk along the beach at night. After some time Byron used his amazing pun talent to ask Shruti questions, the punch line written in the sand while Shruti closed her eyes. They were of such superb construction and timing that amidst the rip-roarious laughter none were remembered, save the last. Rather than a punchline to what was surely an amazing setup, Byron simply wrote “Marry me” in the sand. A little pushy perhaps, but then again “Will you marry me” was too long, and would have aroused Shruti’s suspicion. Shruti could only nod, her eyes tearing up with joy. They walked back to the hotel under a beautiful moon, watching crabs scurry about amongst the seaweed.

Part 3 012Shruti and Byron are extremely excited about the upcoming wedding. Of all the people who can’t attend the one they will be missing most is Byron’s sister Alison. Shruti never got to meet her, but having spent so much time with the Friedrich family knows all about her, her strange love for hearing, and what she meant to Byron. Alison’s Hope for Hearing is the way that Alison’s friends and family have tried to honor her memory, providing the gift of communication by allowing hearing impaired individuals who have no other means of receiving treatment. If you choose to honor Shruti and Byron by making a donation in lieu of a gift you are not just showing your love for us, but for a needy individual to hear, communicate, and reengage with those they love. We both sincerely thank you for making the world a better place.

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