Our Accomplishments

Here you can find all about the great work we’ve done so far!

Helping Hand Award
Congratulations to the recipient of our Helping Hand Award, Abbi Royall, for her selfless efforts in fundraising  to help those with hearing loss. Click here  for more information.

Alison Friedrich Outstanding Dance Officer Award
The Carrol Tigerettes announced the Alison Friedrich Outstanding Dance officer Award to be given in 2016.  Alison loved to dance and was a dedicated Tigerette Officer at Carroll High School before pursuing her career in audiology. She gave countless hours to choreographing routines, teaching dance, and leading the team as the Colonel. The responsibility of a Tigerette Officer comes with a lot of work – splitting time between academics and dance, it’s a position that is a life changing experience and opportunity. Holding a leadership position with the Tigerettes undoubtedly influenced Alison as a professional. In memory of Alison, the Carrol Tigerettes will start awarding the Alison Friedrich Outstanding Dance Officer Award and scholarship at the Tigerette Banquet every May to help other students pursue higher education.

Wine & Canvas Night
We had a great time at our first Wine & Canvas Night! Special thanks to everybody who came out and supported us!

 wine and canvas event

First Annual Tee Up Fore Hearing

On May 17th Alison’s Hope for Hearing was excited to host the first annual Tee Up Fore Hearing at the Teravista Golf Club in Round Rock, Texas. It was a beautiful day of golfing with 30 golfers. At the event we also had fun mini events such as our silent auction and miniature golf tournament. All proceeds went directly to our hearing aid program. Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors who made this event a success and to all golfers who came out and had fun. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

teravista picture pretty

Donations to the Minnesota Academy of Audiology

Alison’s Hope for Hearing felt lucky to contribute gift baskets to the Minnesota Academy of Audiology. Our contribution  helped them raise funds for advancing high standards in audiology practice.

Year End Summary 2013

Alison’s Hope for Hearing was on a roll this year.
  • This year we have approved 53 people for hearing aids!  This means we have fit over 90 people with hearing aids so far and have everybody off of our waiting list.
  • This year we gained 29 new providers for a total of 85  in 21 different states. We are growing! 

Scott Haug Scholarship

Alison’s Hope for Hearing was proud to send two UT Austin Audiology students to the 2013 Scott Haug Conference. This scholarship provides vital educational experiences for up-and-coming audiologists enabling them to become leaders in the field and help those with hearing loss.

Alison’s Hope for Hearing Helps those in Hospice Care 

Alison’s Hope for Hearing is excited to help those in hospice care by donating hearing aids to two dedicated audiologist, Jimmy Stewart and Michael McCombs. These audiologist help those in the last stages of life regain hearing abilities and communicate with loved ones by fitting hospice patients with donated hearing aids. AHH feels lucky to be a part of such significant moments in these people’s lives. Click here to read more. 

Crowdtilt Campaign Success 

crowd tilt
This November our donors helped 9 people give thanks for restored hearing through our Crowdtilt Campaign! We raised $3,150 allowing us to provide hearing aids and care to the last of our 2013 hearing aid applicants.  We are truly thankful for everybody who made this a successful campaign! 



Walk for Hearing

On September 28th, Alison’s Hope for Hearing participated in the Hearing loss Association of America’s Walk4Hearing to raise awareness, raise funds and help challenge stigmas associated with hearing loss. The Walk4Hearing is the largest walk for hearing loss in the country and AHH was proud to be a part of it. 


Mellow Mushroom Fundraiser Night

Alison’s Hope for Hearing would like to thank Mellow Mushroom for donating 10% of the proceeds from the meals of those with Alison’s Hope for Hearing on October 8th!  



South by Southwest 

Alison’s Hope for Hearing was  exited to provided hearing loss prevention information with earplugs to musicians, staff and volunteers at the 2013 South by Southwest music festival! 

Crowdtilt Campaign Success 

 In honor of Better Speech and Hearing Month, AHH ran a wildly successful crowdtilt campaign. We exceeded our goal of raising $1750 and raised $2,519. This enough for us to fit 5 people! Thank you so much to everybody who made this a successful campaign. 

Austin Indie Alliance Benefit Show

Alison’s Hope for Hearing partnered with the Austin Indie Alliance in their showcase series on February 9th. A total of 8 bands played and all proceeds went to AHH, providing us with enough funds to fit 2 patients! We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who made this night possible.





AAA Conference 2013

Alison’s Hope for Hearing takes the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) conference by storm!  Our audiologist board members were busy spreading our mission to audiologist around the country when attending the nation’s largest audiologist conference in Anaheim, California earlier this month. We found many audiologist to support our cause who were eager to help us with fittings and hearing testing. We would also like to give a special thanks to our corporate sponsors Seimans, ReSound, Oticon and AU Bankitis for their continued commitment to support our mission through their generous support.


Minnesota Audiology Conference

Alison’s Hope for Hearing participated in the Minnesota Audiology Conference on February 22nd. We were able to provide information about our organization to audiologist and other professionals. It is exciting for us to be able to spread our mission to the audiology community  and inform them about how we could help their underserved clients.


AHH Wins Top Rated Non-Profit 2012 Award


Great Non-Profits is an organization that rates non-profits and encourages consumer feedback on services provided by these non-profits. Alison’s Hope for Hearing received so many 5 star reviews that we were given the “Top Rated Non-Profit 2012 Award.” It is so exciting to see all of the positive things our members and clients had to say. Click here to read some of the reviews.



Crowd Tilt Success

Through our December Crowd Tilt Campaign, we were able to raise enough money to test and fit 5  patients with hearing amplification! Thank you so much for your support and generosity!

Amazon Fundraiser Success

amazon Through our partnership with Amazon and the support of our friends and members, we have raised enough funds from the holiday season alone to provide a bi-naural fitting  for 2013. Thank you so much to everyone  who helped support us through our Amazon fundraiser.



Hearing Aid Donation to Washington University
Alison’s Hope for Hearing was happy to donate hearing aids and equipment to Washington University. These units will be used by up-and-coming professionals in the field to further their education.

Scott Haug Scholarship

Alison’s Hope for Hearing was proud to send one bright audiology student to the Scott Haug Conference this year. This scholarship provides vital educational experiences for up-and-coming audiologists enabling them to become leaders in the field and help those with hearing loss.

Walk4Hearing Success!

On September 29th, Alison’s Hope for Hearing was proud to work with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) in the Walk4Hearing. With your help we were the third highest fundraising team and won two awards for our efforts. This will help us reach out to more people in need of hearing equipment and to support the HLAA’s outreach efforts. Once again thank you for your support and your efforts to touch the lives of those with hearing loss!

Check out some pictures from our Walk4Hearing:

imagesChase Grant Winner!
Alison’s Hope for Hearing was recently nominated to be considered for a national grant through Chase. Voting took place on facebook in early September and thanks to your support, we were one of the lucky recipients! This opportunity will help us to grow into a nationally recognized non-profit organization and most importantly, will help us to reach more people with hearing loss! Thank you so much for your support and for making a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss!

GuideStar Recognized!
Alison’s Hope for Hearing becomes a GuideStar recognized organization! GuideStar USA, Inc.’s mission is to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. GuideStar USA, Inc. does business under the name “GuideStar” and operates the GuideStar Web site to deliver nonprofit information.

Other  Accomplishments:

Alison’s Hope for Hearing helped those in the last few months of life by donating hearing aids to hospice programs!

Alison’s Hope for Hearing supported mission projects in Haiti and Honduras by donated testing equipment and needed products.

Alison’s Hope for Hearing is making it possible for a UT Austin audiology student to further their education by sponsoring them at the 2012 Scott Haug conference. Stay tuned for the announcement of our scholarship recipient!

In 2011, Alison’s Hope for Hearing was able to fit 85% of applicants with hearing aids.

Alison’s Hope for Hearing continued our public outreach program by providing hearing loss prevention information and ear plug donations at the Austin Health Fair 2010.


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Scott Haug Foundation honor’s Alison by creating a scholarship to send a UT Austin Audiology student to the 2010 conference. Read more here!

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